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Low rates, flexible terms and a quick pre-approval process - buy the car you.So if you know within the year after financing, leasing or refinancing your vehicle that you owe more than its actual cash value (ACV), then gap insurance could be beneficial for you to purchase.Gap insurance will result in you being paid the difference between the price you paid for your car and the car insurance payout agreed when a claim is made.Sometimes it will also pay your regular insurance deductible.The higher price of motor vehicles, longer-term auto loans, and the increasing popularity of leasing in the 1980s is what created gap protection as a type of insurance for car owners.

Depreciation means that a car is worth significantly less than what you bought it for mere months after its purchase.

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Please refer to your insurance policy for specific coverage and exclusion information.Now you know: Gap insurance, while vital for those who are leasing or financing and owe more than their car is worth, is a non-issue for other drivers.

Gap Coverage Protects "Upside Down" Car Buyers

If your vehicle has been totaled by a covered peril, such as an accident, theft, fire, flood, tornado, vandalism, or hurricane, your insurance company will pay you the actual cash value for your car, if you have comprehensive and collision insurance.

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GAP is a loan protection product that covers the difference between the outstanding loan amount.

Gap insurance began to be offered in the early 1980s to help those insured who purchased a car and due to rapid depreciation of the vehicle found themselves owning more than the car was worth if it was in a total loss situation.Disclaimer: Answers and comments provided are for information purposes.Your accounting of what is due is not a risk a gap insurer is going to take on.The office of the insurance regulator should be able to help you.

GAP insurance or Guaranteed Asset Protection insurance protects you from paying for a car you no longer own.If you are trading in, selling, or buying a new vehicle, you will need to get a new policy to cover the newly financed vehicle.Yes, usually you can cancel gap insurance if you determine that you no longer need it.Even though gap insurance may be helpful to you, if you owe more on the vehicle then its ACV and were to be in an accident, you should have the right to turn down this coverage and thus not be charged for it.Loan or lease payoff coverage, also called gap insurance, is a special type of insurance coverage that can be purchased for leased and financed vehicles.

As the name implies, gap insurance covers the difference between the amount you owe on the loan and the cash value of your car.If a lender of leased cars requires gap insurance to be purchased, then they must include the gap insurance within the cost of the lease itself.Within minutes of driving off the lot, a new car can be worth 10 percent less than what you just paid.OpenRoad Lending offers GAP Insurance refund to protect your investment and your credit rating.

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This amount is often considerably less than the actual amount you still owe on your loan or the amount due for a lease payoff.Guaranteed Auto Protection insurance is another cost you might not be aware of when youre looking at financing a car.

Unless you signed paperwork stating that you would add gap coverage to the car at the time of purchase as part of your finance or purchase agreement you should be able to decline it and get a refund.If a loss occurs, gap car insurance will pay the difference between the actual cash value (ACV) of the vehicle and the current outstanding balance on your loan or lease.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is valuable protection offered to car buyers as part of the auto loan process.What if I buy a car, get gap insurance and then two days later am hit by a car.

What is gap insurance on a car loan?

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With this loan type the gap insurer would have to use your accounting of what was used for the vehicle and what was still due on the line of credit for it and what was used for other items and what you had paid back already, etc.

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If the car is wrecked and declared a total loss the GAP insurance will.Gap insurance is normally only able to be purchased and used when you have received your money through a conventional auto loan or lease to obtain your vehicle.If you already had a gap policy in place, that gap insurance would normally be voided out when you refinance a vehicle -- you would need to get a new gap insurance policy on it.

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What about if your engine was totaled due to a bad oil change.There are some financial institutions that may want you to have gap insurance as part of your auto insurance policy on the car you are purchasing.

GAP insurance - 7 hidden costs of taking out an auto loan

Gap coverage exists to protect 2 specific types of drivers against the costs of a total loss: those who are financing, and those who are leasing.Gap Insurance When you get into a car accident while you have an auto loan, you can end up paying dearly for a vehicle you no longer use.

Learn what gap insurance is, how it works and if you really need it.No, gap insurance does not normally come with a deductible attached to it.Does this cover all the add-ons the dealer put on the contract raising the loan amount.Disclaimer: The insurance products on are from companies from which QuinStreet may receive compensation.

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After a total loss, Payoff Protector may help you avoid making payments on car you no longer own.

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